Breakout Tools:
Our most popular breakout box allows the user to break the signal and / or monitor it with a volt meter or any other type of test tool.
This allows the user maximum flexibility in troubleshooting (see product G00701-00).

GarTech offers many different types of breakout boxes with the ability to create a custom breakout box for your needs. The rugged construction of each breakout box ensures a long life of in-field use. Every breakout box is constructed using a metal enclosure and 18 AWG wire. Please call for custom breakout box quotes. (Note: Proprietary connectors must be supplied by the customer)
Quickly test and troubleshoot harnesses, engine control modules, or sensors by connecting the breakout box into your system. To install a breakout box the user only needs to disconnect the harness from the device itís plugged into and then connect the harness into the breakout box, then connect the breakout box to the device.
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