Custom Hardware:
GarTech has experience engineering custom electronic hardware for medical, automotive and military applications. GarTech works with its customers to understand their requirements, meet their specifications and provide guidance when needed. Advanced circuit and 3D modeling are utilized in the engineering process to create prototype devices, which are then tested and refined. GarTech then has the capability of low to mid-level production of the device. GarTech also packages the products they engineer. A production level custom enclosure can be created from a wide range of materials such as sheet metal or injection molding. Custom overlays with windows and buttons are also available.

Often engineering requests involve an embedded microcontroller (MCU) that has inputs/outputs to interface to the real world and perform a required task at a specific speed. GarTech's expertise assures that the engineered product utilizes the appropriate parts to match the customer's project requirements and budget. If the product requires a PC connection to control the device, GarTech has experience in serial communications such as USB, RS232, CAN and Ethernet.

Other products frequently produced by GarTech involve control panel hardware and accompanying harnesses. Control Panels often reside in industrialized harsh environments that must withstand the elements and have functions like machine control, user monitoring or safety mechanisms. GarTech has extensive experience designing and producing these types of devices.
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LED Board
Remote Control Board
P13 Board
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