Configurable controls (gauges, sliders, switches)
Custom plugins supported
Multiple monitor support
Win7 support
USB communications
Create custom arbitrary waveform data for WaveMaker III within GUI
Control J1939 message data from gauges
Unlimited number of controls the user can use to create a custom GUI
Download updated firmware to hardware devices
Duplicate and interlinked controls supported
Multiple clients can connect to the same hardware
Client DLL available for custom control
Uses .net 3.5 framework
LUIS Gen 2 Software:
2011 Copyright GarTech Enterprises - all rights reserved
The LUIS Gen 2 engine simulator (Loadbox User Interface System) is used to facilitate bench top engine control system hardware and software testing by sending simulated sensor outputs to the control module. The simulator connects to an engine control module and is controlled using GarTech's LUIS Gen 2 PC software and an available USB port. The LUIS Gen 2 system is assembled in a modular format, allowing customers to choose the correct IO combination for their application(s). Hardware and Software details are described below.
Typical system dimensions are 24" x 10" x 7". Most individual modules are 4" x 10" x 6". GarTech can also provide custom ECM towers to accommodate storing multiple ECMs with the LUIS engine simulator.
LUIS Gen 2:
The Main module provides system power and control signals to all other modules. In addition it includes 5 relays:

1 relay - 30A relay intended for "VBATT"
4 relays - 20A relays for switched VBATT
This module contains 10 digital waveform outputs plus up to 8 arbitrary waveform outputs (2 included in standard pricing). Digital waveform outputs consist of 0-5v or +/-5v square wave outputs. Arbitrary waveforms may span up to +/-6v, and up to 32,000 data points per waveform. Channels may be synchronized if required. Front panel LEDs indicate presence of Arbitrary waveform cards, and testpoints provide access to all outputs for quick analysis using an oscilloscope or other measurement device.
This module contains 40 switch outputs - arranged in 8 banks of 5 switches. Each of the 8 banks has a single switch common
(8 commons in all). Each switch is capable of 1.5A contact current.
Each analog module contains (32) 16-bit outputs. Every 4 outputs has a common reference voltage. The reference voltage range is 0-15v, and outputs are current limited to 20mA.

The LUIS Gen 2 modular system supports up to 4 analog modules (128 outputs). The outputs on each module are numbered sequentially - the first Analog Module is numbered 1-32 and the module is color-coded 'red' on the back. The second Analog Module is numbered 33-64 and is color-coded 'yellow' on the back...etc.
The resistive loads module contains (20) 100 ohm loads and (12) 1k ohm loads. Each load has an LED indicator on the front panel. (4) of the 100 ohm loads are used to switch 30A relays which can be used for other purposes.
This module houses any user-specified loads such as injector coils, valves or solenoids.
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