WaveMaker III:
The WaveMaker III Waveform Generator is a highly sophisticated tool which can handle your most demanding waveform generation tasks making it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market today. Combined with the PC software, the user has full flexibility on what types of waveforms they want to create.

With 10 digital waveform outputs plus up to 8 arbitrary waveform outputs (2 included in standard pricing), the extremely accurate output drivers ensure that the waveform the user creates will indeed be properly represented on the output. Users can create waveform signatures with as many as 32,000 data points so just about any type of waveform can be successfully recreated. The 14 bit digital to analog converters provide a method to create very smooth waveforms. Channels may be synchronized if required.

The slot technology that has been implemented into the Wavemaker III's mainboard design allows the user the flexibility to upgrade channels to different technologies or simply leave them out to reduce costs. This insures a long useful life of the generator and provides the ability for customization when the need arises. front panel LEDs indicate the presence of Arbitrary waveform cards, and testpoints provide access to all outputs for quick analysis using an oscilloscope or other measurement devices.

The Arbitrary Waveform Generator mainboard is a highly sophisticated device and standard ESD practices must be utilized when handling the board.
Number of Channels: 18
DAC bits: 14
RAM per Channel: 32k
Max Output Frequency: 3MHz
Max Current: 2 Amps
Communication Port: 250k baud CAN
Channel Max Output Current: 0.5 Amp
Arbitrary Card Output Volt: -6 VDC to +6 VDC
Digital Card Output Volt: -5 VDC to +5 VDC or 0 VDC to 5 VDC
Waveform Storage: Varies with SD card
Wavemaker III Standalone Module : G02450-00
Rear View
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