Digital Dash:
The Digital Dash tool is a self contained, microprocessor controlled, J1939 Datalink monitoring device which allows the user to select from 20 different engine and/or transmission parameters and displays up to 4 parameters on the user screen. Along with the engine/transmission parameters displayed, the user can also scroll Active or Inactive Diagnostic Fault codes or display the fault lamps which are being transmitted on the datalink from the engine or transmission. The user can also setup an alarm output which will trigger on faults or real-time running engine parameters. (A Peak adapter with provided software is needed to setup alarm system). The ability to view engine parameters is a highly valuable diagnostic tool which can save many hours of troubleshooting.

The Digital Dash is a highly effective solution to troubleshoot and monitor engine performance. It is very easy to install and can be repackaged into your OEM panels. Please call for more information.
Digital Dash Gallery:
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