Portable Test Cell:
The Portable Test Cell product is a variation of the Digital Dash and includes all of the features of the Digital Dash plus more functionality. The Portable Test Cell is the ideal test tool to be able to run an engine without the need to be connected into the OEM system either in a test cell environment or in-vehicle. The unit is in a self contained carry case and harnesses for different applications can be purchased separately.

The user can control four different types of throttles (Analog, Remote, Datalink, Frequency) including the actuation of Idle Validation switches. The throttle range can be user adjusted to accommodate specific throttles and types through the device menu. The user can also control features such as Intermediate Speed Control (ISC1, ISC2)
The following are examples of Portable Test Cells that we have created for our customers which can also be purchased.
G00153-01: Portable Test Cell
G00153-20: 20' Extension Harness
G00181-00: QSX15 AND QSM11 Adapter
G00184-00: QSK19/45/60 Adapter
G00992-01: QSK19/38/50 MCRS Adapter
G00182-00: QSB C/L Adapter
G01179-00: QSB C/L CM850 Adapter
G01887-00: QSB C/L CM2150D Adapter
G01852-00: QSB3.3 CM2150C Adapter
G00183-00: QST 30 Adapter
G00697-00: Centry Adapter
G01421-00: DDEC III/IV Adapter
G01523-00: CAT 3406E/3412 Adapter
G01298-00: CAT C11 Adapter
G01571-00: CAT C16 Adapter
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